Consumer Understanding

Working for Expanse 360 Group Ltd means pushing the boundaries of market research to better understand the markets and consumers we serve. We conduct thousands of research studies each year to stay ahead of what consumers need today and want tomorrow. The insights we gain not only identify new innovations, but also help us better communicate with our consumers.


Today, Expanse 360 are recognised as one of the industry’s leading global innovators in our field of products and expertise. We are proud to have a great team of innovating thinkers that are always bring great and new ideas every day.


Expanse 360 is a company with a name that is a leading brand. We are focusing on product categories with many great products, which make the brand a great success. They play to Expanse 360’s strengths of consumer understanding, branding, innovation, productivity, go-to-market capability and scale.

Go-to-Market Capabilities

Expanse 360 is consistently ranked as a preferred supplier by leading garden retailers throughout the industry. We’re also frequently recognised as the industry leader in a wide range of capabilities, including clearest company strategy, products with purpose, strong business fundamentals and innovative household & garden products and programs.


Expanse 360 has scale advantages across our businesses, operations and people. This allows us to share knowledge, transfer technologies, optimise our spending and flow resources to better serve consumers and continually improve our efficiency and productivity.


We are turning productivity into a core strength at Expanse 360. We’re making it systemic to improve sales profit and cash performance, and to enable ongoing investment in business growth, new channels and market, and new product innovation is the key to our success.