We value and respect the rights of all individuals, whether they’re Expanse 360 employees, employees of a supplier or our consumers. Everyone employed by Expanse 360 Group are valued as equally the same, and everyone is on the same level, playing in the same team to win, regardless of their title. Expanse 360 Group stakeholders are all vital players, and are glad to be involved. All stakeholders are important.

Committed to responsible operations 

Our policies and practices define the behaviour we expect from our organisation, employees and suppliers. We always seek to provide a clear perspective on our operating practices while living up to our Purpose, Values and Principles.

Conflict Materials

We’re committed to ensuring that we don’t source conflict minerals that fund armed groups in the Conflict Region.

Human Rights Policy

All staff at Expanse 360 Group are entitled to their full human right status. They have a right to be heard and a right to be listed to. We expect all staff to show kindness and respect to all other staff, and to every person they have communication with whether it be in their work time, or outside their work time.

Supplier Sustainability Guidelines

We seek to uphold both the spirit and letter of the law and maintain high ethical standards wherever we seek business. Our supplier sustainability guidelines outline the expectations of our suppliers to ensure they uphold our high ethical standards in their own operations and that of their partners. Integrity is expected by all personnel involved in any project / work relating to Expanse 360.