We know when we set a goal, all our valuable employees will give their all to exceed expectations. That’s why we established our long-term vision and set short-term goals to ensure we stay on track to deliver that vision. All staff at Expanse 360 are included in the ‘World of the Expanse 360’, and part of this world is our journey to becoming more sustainable as people, and a company.

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We are working toward our long-term vision of:

   –   Powering all our plants with 100% renewable energy

   –   Using 100% renewable or recycled materials for all products and packaging where we can

   –   Having zero consumer and manufacturing waste go to landfills

   –   Designing products that delight consumers while maximising the conservation of resources

We have established specific goals to demonstrate we are making progress against our long-term vision. The table below updates progress against our goals.

Conservation of Resources

   –   Reduce energy use at Expanse 360 facilities by 10% per unit of production by 2020.*

   –   Reduce absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 by 30%*

   –   All shipping to be done in large quantities, to make it worthwhile with the fuel used

   –   Reduce packaging by 20% per consumer use.*

   –   Double use of recycled resin in plastic packaging.

   –   Ensure 90% of product packaging is either recyclable or programs are in place to create the ability to recycle it. All packaging clearly states it must be recycled, rather than put into landfill.

Renewable Resources

   –   Ensure production plants are powered by 30% renewable energy.

   –   Have 100% of our paper packaging contain either recycled or third-party-certified virgin content by 2020

   –   Avoid any communcation on paper, as much as possible to be done electronically.

Worth from Waste

   –   Conduct pilot studies in both the developed and developing world to understand how to eliminate land filled / dumped solid waste.

   –   Zero Manufacturing Waste to Landfill

Social Programmes

   –   Improve the lives of millions of people each year through our social sustainability programmes. This is made clear on our pages relating to giving to charity to support children all around the globe.

  –   This includes providing funds, to find resources to save these precious young children from, HIV, Aids, Starvation, Abuse, and even from Dying!