Renovate your Lawn

Lawn care tips for repairing & improving your lawn

Everyone wants a lush, green lawn, but sometimes achieving one can be a tough task. Whether you are sowing grass seed in a walkway, or where there’s harsh sun or dark shade, growing grass from seeds can be a challenge. Bare patches can appear when the grass is undernourished or worn out, but you can keep these at bay by re-seeding or re-turfing the area. Repairing these issues should stop moss and weeds creeping in leaving you with a lush, green lawn. Discover how your lawn be the envy of all your neighbours here.

Patches in your lawn
Bare patches

Patches in lawns can be caused by many different factors such as heavy traffic or applying lawn fertiliser incorrectly. There’s so much to learn about growing a lush, long-lasting lawn – but don’t worry, we’re here to help you do it.

A weed appearing through the grass.
Weeds & moss

Weeds and moss plague lots of British lawns, and it can be pretty tricky to get rid of these persistent unwanted plants. However, Homebase are here to offer a supporting hand and to help you discover how to defeat weeds and moss in your garden.

A healthy lawn which is greener and lusher after lawn care has taken place.
Greener, lusher lawn

A lusher, green lawn is on everyone’s wish list and with a little extra effort you can have one to be proud of. Find out how to give your lawn a healthy glow and keep it looking lively by following this guide.

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